Why You Shouldn’t Drive a Car With Poor Wheel Alignment

3 Reasons to Get Wheel Alignment Service

Have you ever stopped to think about all the components and systems that work together to keep your car running smoothly? Maybe it’s because we are auto enthusiasts, but we think the engineering that goes into every vehicle is pretty impressive! Maybe we have a better grasp of complex auto systems as a team that works to keep them in top condition. If we could help drivers get to know their vehicles as well as we do, we would tell them about the wheels and their alignment.

Wheel alignment refers to the precise angles at which each tire meets the road. Camber, caster, and toe are the names automotive professionals use for the tilt and skew of the wheels. Ideally, you want your vehicle to be sitting perfectly. Imagine a tabletop sitting on four legs perpendicular to the ground. It all lines up, right? We want your vehicle’s body and suspension to line up in the same way with the wheels. Why? There are plenty of reasons to avoid poor wheel alignment!

  1. Poor Fuel Efficiency
  2. When your wheels are askew and tilted, your car’s engine works a lot harder and uses more fuel to get them rolling. Have you ever picked the broken shopping cart at the grocery store and struggled to direct it down the aisle? It takes extra effort. You can think about driving a car with poor wheel alignment in the same way.

  3. Engine Damage & Wear
  4. As you can imagine, asking the engine to work harder than it needs to accelerates wear and tear. Ignoring performance problems like poor fuel efficiency and neglecting regular services could lead to faster engine damage or breakdowns. A wheel alignment service is budget-friendly — engine replacement is not.

  5. Faster Tire Wear
  6. When wheels are out of alignment, the tires meet the road at odd angles. The tread area of the tire that we want contacting the road might not line up right, which means part of the tire may see accelerated wear. Driving with very poor alignment will cause unsafe damage requiring immediate tire replacement! Avoid rapid tire wear and get the most out of them with wheel alignment service.

Do you think your vehicle may be suffering from poor wheel alignment? If so, don’t delay! Visit V&F Auto Inc in Agawam, Massachusetts for service!

Written by Nicole Palange

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