December 2022 - V&F Auto Inc

New Years Eve Driving Safety

Most people enjoy having a glass of champagne to celebrate ringing in the New Year. And, while there are many alternative transportation options now available, drunk driving continues to be a looming issue on New Year’s Eve. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 32 people in the United States die in […]

Brake Repair In Agawam, MA

Brake repair largely depends on your driving habits and conditions. In New England, rough winter weather and the resulting road quality can spell trouble for even the most high-end braking systems. If you need brake repair in Agawam, MA, the experts at V&F Auto are here to help! Common Signs of Brake Damage Oftentimes, the […]

Suspension Repair Near Agawam, MA

The suspension system is essentially a shock-absorbing system, designed to make your rides more smooth and comfortable. It seems simple but the suspension is a complex system of tires, air, springs, shock absorbers, struts, ball joints, bushings, control arms, and linkages that all work together to support your vehicle. This system of parts redirects the […]

Exhaust Shop Near Agawam, MA

The exhaust system is a key safety feature of any vehicle. If you’re looking for an exhaust shop near Agawam, MA you need experts you can trust— like the team at V&F Auto. What does the exhaust system do? The exhaust system guides harmful gases away from both the engine and the car’s cabin, and […]

How to Diagnose Smoke Coming From Car Exhaust

For most drivers, seeing a light vapor trailing your car isn’t an unusual occurrence. But, if you see different colored exhaust fumes, it’s time to pay attention to your car. Your vehicle may not be flashing warning lights, but the smoke coming from your exhaust may indicate that something isn’t working properly. Here’s how to […]

Winter is coming. It’s time to get a heater inspection.

As the temperature starts to dip, it’s critical that your car’s heater is up to spec. If your heater isn’t working, you could be putting yourself and your family in danger– and not because your car’s cabin will be freezing cold. A failing heater can prevent your defroster from clearing ice and frost off your […]

Why isn’t my car’s heater working?

Now that we’ve had a few chilly mornings, you might have noticed that your defroster isn’t quite working properly or the air coming from your vents is a little cooler than you remembered… This may be due to a problem with your car’s heating system. If you find yourself asking, “Why isn’t my car’s heater […]

Winter Car Seat Safety: Alternatives to Puffy Coats

Winter is a tricky time for car seat safety. With temps well below freezing, it’s important to bundle up your little ones but all those layers can be dangerous. As a general rule, any bulky clothing, including coats, sleepers, or snowsuits, should not be worn underneath the harness of a car seat. The extra padding […]