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Why Driving With Your Parking Brake On Is a VERY Bad Idea

As we talked about in our last article, you should always set the parking brake when you park. Your parking brake maintains a stronger hold than the prawl, making it a better option for holding your car in place while parked.  The most important part of using the brake is remembering to disengage it before […]

Most Common Car Care Mistakes

Car maintenance can be a hassle but, in order to work optimally, vehicles require regular preventative maintenance. To help you prioritize and plan, here is a list of the of the top car maintenance mistakes drivers can make- and what you can do to avoid them. Not Checking Your Tire Pressure Even when tires appear […]

Increase Your Vehicle’s Life Expectancy

Increase your Vehicle’s Life Expectancy: Want to know how to increase the life expectancy of your vehicle? Knowing what NOT to do is just as important as knowing what to do! Think about it, we know drinking water is a “should do” while drinking soda is a “should not do”. If we apply this to concept to […]

How to Cool an Overheating Engine

Engine Overheating How to cool an overheating engine? With the hot weather this summer has brought us, your vehicle is at risk of overheating. Most of us have our A/C on full blast which could trigger our engine to overheat. Even if you maintain your vehicle well, this can still occur. So it is important […]